All the world’s a stage!!


I will always exist on a stage..

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My career as an actress has been a whole lifetime of experiences I will never forget. In nostalgia I reminisce about the beauty and art of acting. I remember once crying at the end of a performance because at some stage the differentiation between the character and myself was nonexistent, the applause forced the annulment of this union. As a creative, I am passionate and there are no half measures given.. I remember strings of script lines I learnt, the stale smell of wooden stage flooring and musky costume piecesĀ from various eras (the worst looking were always the best!), oh the rush and relief!

Productions I have been part of..

QueenyNongogo Athol Fugard (Best Actress Award/Cup)-2007

Mrs MalapropThe Rivals R.B Sheridan (Best Actress Award/Cup and Best Comic Play Cup-Allied Arts Zimbabwe)- 2006

Lady Bracknell- The Importance of Being Earnest- Oscar Wilde (Best Actress Award/Cup) 2008

ReaganKing Lear– Shakespeare Festival- 2008

CassyThe Beachboys Musical– REPS Production- 2009