All the world’s a stage!!


I will always exist on a stage..

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My career as an actress has been a whole lifetime of experiences I will never forget. In nostalgia I reminisce about the beauty and art of acting. I remember once crying at the end of a performance because at some stage the differentiation between the character and myself was nonexistent, the applause forced the annulment of this union. As a creative, I am passionate and there are no half measures given.. I remember strings of script lines I learnt, the stale smell of wooden stage flooring and musky costume pieces from various eras (the worst looking were always the best!), oh the rush and relief!

Productions I have been part of..

QueenyNongogo Athol Fugard (Best Actress Award/Cup)-2007

Mrs MalapropThe Rivals R.B Sheridan (Best Actress Award/Cup and Best Comic Play Cup-Allied Arts Zimbabwe)- 2006

Lady Bracknell- The Importance of Being Earnest- Oscar Wilde (Best Actress Award/Cup) 2008

ReaganKing Lear– Shakespeare Festival- 2008

CassyThe Beachboys Musical– REPS Production- 2009




2 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage!!

  1. When how you spend time becomes more than a hobby, gives you life, and you almost lose yourself in it… Our passions are always our first loves.

    It gets difficult as we get older or so it seems, but sometimes carving out just a little time to reconnect and do these things is important. I’m trying to… This is a beautiful reminder. Great post as always!

    • Thank you.. Yes it does get difficult with time to create the opportunity to reconnect to these passions. I believe the stage is part of my being and will one day evolve just as the other aspects of my person have. It will be like meeting an old friend again! For now I’m thrilled to set the stage for my students to experience the infectiousness of theater, surprisingly for some, they take to it as a baby does to breathing.

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