Elephant’s Child Musical

This past month I had the pleasure of presenting my fantastic drama groups’ production on the Elephant’s Child by Rudyard Kipling. As an actress myself most of my childhood and high school memories were tied to the plays I performed in. I remember growing from being an elephant in an African tale, Mary in a Christmas play in primary school to playing Reagan in Shakespeare’s King Lear, Queeny in Athol Fuguard’s Township Plays, Mrs Malaprop in the Rivals by Richard Sheridan and Lady Bracknell in the Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. These performances took our cast to the HIFA festival in 2007 and we performed at Reps theater too. As the purpose of my blog is to keep a professional log on the things I do I suppose a post about my acting career is warranted…

The beauty of being an educator is discovering the many abilities that lie within each child, the best part is when they evolve from self doubt to rising above their limitations and setting new challenges for themselves. That to me is a natural part of our existence and what life really is about. This play was definitely a test of endurance for the children and myself and they definitely swam!

The importance of dramatic arts and performance hold very close to my heart and as an educator my hope is to continue to provide all children with the opportunity to explore the world of the stage!



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