My Special Journey

As an introvert I take in the world quite deeply. I haven’t been writing, but I have been reading and thinking, so I have been growing and changing.


“As much as we may try to enforce inclusive policies and laws,we need inclusive minds.”

My career in Special Needs Education is 5 years old. I have found that my passions and knowledge from my BA in International Law and Human Rights is applicable and relevant to special needs education. The issue of Human Rights and Inclusive Education in Zimbabwe has much debate and efforts by the local government to uphold United Nations recommendations are still a challenge due to the economical woes the country is currently in. The policies and laws are vague and are not being enforced, additionally persons with Disabilities or Special Needs do not know their rights.

My work in an international school is one of great privilege and I have learnt through experience to view education from  a more pragmatic/humanistic view. This philosophy is more open to difference, I found that instead of adapting/trying to fit in as I was accustomed to in a post colonial country, my differences were embraced and diversity a welcomed normality. The main thread of Special Education in Africa now has been towards inclusion/normalization. Controversies still exist and thrive due to a lack of awareness and negative cultural ideals. People with disabilities/special needs have the right as everyone else to participate in society and reach self actualization. Inclusion to me is the first step,  as much as we may try to enforce inclusive policies and laws, we need inclusive minds. Inclusion should be a normality and not a special/new way of doing things, it is not a privilege it is a right. As young as my journey in Special Needs is, I am optimistic that ahead, there is still a lifetime of reform for me to navigate and challenge.



2 thoughts on “My Special Journey

  1. It is a beautiful thing to be able to me so involved in the work you do that the relevance of cross-disciplinary knowledge becomes apparent – i suppose one could say it is an indication of awareness and an ability to observe.

    Your story continues to inspire and I like many, appreciate our ‘inclusion’ by virtue of being able to read it.

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