Welcome to my personal Blog!

What we want is to see a child in pursuit of knowledge and not knowledge in pursuit of the child- George Bernard Shaw

From an early age i have always been inquisitive. I have always wanted to know why things worked the way they did and what caused the cause! I familiar practice when I was in high school was to break our pencils at the end of our final exam as symbol for “the end of learning”. Since then I have pursued degrees, courses, diplomas and certificates because as true as life is to itself learning is a journey. One of self-discovery, adventure, widening of ones’ perspectives and schema to say the least. My education was/is a good foundation for all areas of life and a basis to explore further into impossibilities that change has brought about. As an educator I believe my role is to provoke the investigation and inquiry process, to support students to discover their potential and endless possibilities that present when we take risks. To encourage a celebration of diversity and individuality and to advocate for the next generation. To allure students to pursue knowledge for the sake of living.